Saturday, August 03, 2002
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It was wonderful finding this website, I left Cushing for Alaska in 1989 and this is a great way to keep up with family and 'old' friends. Lonnie (O'Kelley)Hanley

Lonnie (O\\\'Kelley) Hanley
Thursday, Jul 25, 2002 (05:14:33 PM CDT)

Everything is up to date. The bugs have been fixed on our classifieds page. Enjoy our site.

Thursday, Jul 25, 2002 (01:17:54 PM CDT)

Just because you remove every guestbook entry that does not favor your site, doesn't mean everyone will stop criticising it. I'll check back tomorrow, because I know you will remove my comments once again!

Wednesday, Jul 24, 2002 (07:54:11 PM CDT)

Good job on the web. Will there be a sports section? I like keeping up with my nephews and local kids. They just won state and I can't read the article!!

Cindy Patterson
Wednesday, Jul 24, 2002 (01:43:56 PM CDT)

As a former publisher of The Citizen, I learned Some readers WILL gripe! But they ARE reading!!!!!! Bill

Bill Jobe
Sunday, Jul 21, 2002 (08:11:04 PM CDT)

U R on the ole ball now!! Ifinaly got to read news happenings and one of my coworkers obit that I worked at the post office with. Thank you!!

Monday, Jul 15, 2002 (02:47:47 PM CDT)

Kimberly, I am so proud of you, this site is really great, I just found it. You go girl!!!!!!! You amaze me, I miss you alot, tell Micheal hi for me. Love,Nicki

Wednesday, Jun 26, 2002 (01:37:19 PM CDT)

Great hearing about Cushing News!!!

Kim Ausbrook Middleton
Wednesday, Jun 19, 2002 (01:30:38 PM CDT)

Glad to find Cushing again!

Robert Molloy
Wednesday, Jun 05, 2002 (05:56:44 AM CDT)

It's great to find your website and be able to see what's going on in my hometown. Although I left several years ago Cushing is still home. Thanks!!!

Larry Butler
Friday, May 17, 2002 (05:13:55 PM CDT)

I would like to see more coverage on the extra-curricular activities at the high school. I mean band, speech, chorus, and drama.

Saturday, May 04, 2002 (10:19:14 AM CDT)

I was born in cushing,okla in 1932.My parents left there when I was in the 4th. grade. Now I am very pleased you have this website & I can veiw your paper.

Saturday, Apr 20, 2002 (10:39:49 PM CDT)

Your site is very impressive. I have enjoyed looking it over, and have emailed the link to several people. Keep up the good work!

Marilyn Ledgerwood
Thursday, Apr 18, 2002 (10:47:57 AM CDT)

very good site, my kids go to school in Cushing so please keep school events currents, thanks.

Saturday, Apr 13, 2002 (02:06:05 PM CDT)

As a retired former publisher of The Citizen, I was delighted that the Citizen now has its own Home Page. Keep on with the progress!!

Bill Jobe
Friday, Apr 12, 2002 (04:15:03 PM CDT)

It's nice to be able to keep up on my hometown news even being stationed (Navy) all the way in England. Thanks

Teddy Milam
Friday, Mar 29, 2002 (10:41:49 AM CDT)

I am so glad my mom won the trip, she really deserves it, there is a special place in Heaven for her. I Love You MOM!! CONGRATULATIONS.

Monday, Mar 18, 2002 (05:04:29 PM CDT)

I was born and raised in Cushing and been gone since 1978. Its so nice to be able to catch up on the local news and see whats happening.

Alberta (Bickell) Johnson
Sunday, Mar 17, 2002 (06:53:55 PM CDT)

I like the site. Do you archive pictures from past newspapers? It took me a couple of days to look up the

Beth Alcorn
Wednesday, Feb 20, 2002 (04:38:30 PM CDT)

Its great to be able to see whats happening at home, even though I now live in New York. Keep up the good work.

Kimbery (Bledsoe)Yaple
Wednesday, Feb 13, 2002 (12:06:01 PM CDT)

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